CAPTAIN OF THE FLEET   -    Detroit, Michigan

We specialize in Memories of Detroit, by the Artist of Detroit:  William A. Moss;     PLUS Great Lakes & Circus History.

24 by 30 inches – Full Color

Regular print signed/numbered by the Artist of Detroit - $100.00


The 36th Annual J. L. Hudson Company Thanksgiving Day Santa Parade started at 9:25 a.m. on November 22, 1962.  At 10:53 a.m. Santa arrived at the Ice Castle and was greeted by Christmas Carol and Channel 4 weatherman Sonny Elliott.  Mayor Jerome Cavanagh presented Santa the nicest key of all – the key to the hearts of good boys and girls. Notice the yellow fork lift that brought Santa from his Reindeer Float to the Ice Castle.

Below are some other images that remind us of those days long past: 

Woodward Avenue at night from under the canopy of the J. L. Hudson Store
The Butterfly Float in the Parade
The Ice Castle on top of the canopy of the J. L. Hudson Store
The Bird Float in the Parade.
The electric Christmas Tree on the Woodward side of the J. L. Hudson store.
Santa arriving at the J. L. Hudson Store.


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