CAPTAIN OF THE FLEET   -    Detroit, Michigan

We specialize in Memories of Detroit, by the Artist of Detroit:  William A. Moss;     PLUS Great Lakes & Circus History.
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CIRCUS HISTORY 101 - 1928-1938  $24.95
(or two Circus History CDs for $39.95)
Railroad, truck and wagon circuses could be found in all areas of the United States and Canada from the late 1920ís to 1938. It was the time of the great combination shows as many of the larger shows could not cope with the recession and were forced to adapt. It was the rise of the truck shows, the method of transportation that would eventually win out in the search for an audience.

Included are copies of the routes of these circuses as they cross-crossed the country in search of new towns and cities.

CIRCUS HISTORY 102  -  1941-1945   $24.95
(or two Circus History CDs for $39.95)
From 1941 to 1945 circuses found it necessary to adapt to the requirements of World War II as railroads, tires, gasoline, and even performers were engaged in the world wide conflict. Both railroad and truck shows had to contend with restrictions such as shortages, black market prices for necessary goods, and rationing as they searched for an audience.

Included are the routes for these circuses, and also official route books and programs that were issued to document the circuses year on the road.

CIRCUS HISTORY 103 - 1946  $24.95
(or two Circus History CDs for $39.95)

CIRCUS HISTORY 104 - 1947  $24.95
(or two Circus History CDs for $39.95)
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