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More BobLo Memories -  Price $24.95 + $4.00 Postage  (Two DVDs can be shipped to the same address for $4.00)

A history of the Detroit River amusement park that was a classic tradition since it opened in 1898. The rides, BobLo steamers, interviews, and commercials are included in this DVD -  41 minute nostalgic cruise down the Detroit River.       


"Crusing down the river, dancing 'til your feet got numb.  Ah...Bob-Lo Memories."

More Bob-Lo Memories takes you back to the carefree days of summer and the unique pastime of taking a steamboat ride down the Detroit River to the island amusement park.

Though the island park and the steamboat rides have become another part of the Great Lakes area history, More Bob-Lo Memories is your ticket to re-visit that special place and time, over and over again.

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Below are some clippings & brochures that remind us of days gone by: 

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