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Capt’n Willie’s Great Lakes Adventures, Volume 1 – Price $24.95 + Postage

The first DVD in the series deals with Henry Ford’s Rouge Plant that turned a length of the Rouge River into a 1,200 acre industrial complex. Original Ford movie film from the National Archives covers the period from 1918 to 1927.


Henry Ford was all about education and his motion picture company documented many of his activities. These silent movies have been woven together to give an excellent perspective of the Ford maritime activities on the Great Lakes. Capt’n Willie provides a historical overview of the film footage pointing out the various activities that took place as the Rouge Plant was being created.


At times Capt’n Willie also interjects nautical notes to point out facts that the casual viewer may not be aware of. The film footage is almost a century old, and this unique resource documents Henry Ford’s maritime activities and the creation of the Rouge Plant.     


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The hour long DVD shows:

            The excavation of the slip at the Rouge.

            Henry Ford overlooking the construction site.

            Pile drivers at work on the swampy grounds.

            Constructing the main 1,700 foot long building.

            The assembly line that produced ‘Eagle Boats’ for the U. S. Navy.

            The movement and launching of the ‘Eagle Boats’.

            The sea trials of the ‘Eagle Boats’ on the Detroit River and Lake St. Clair.

            Construction of a Hulett ore unloading machine at the Rouge dock.

            Great Lakes freighters stockpiling raw materials at the dock.

            The blast furnace operation to make iron.

            The launching of the freighter Henry Ford II in 1924 at Lorain, Ohio.

            The launching of the freighter Benson Ford in 1924 at River Rouge, Michigan.

            The Ford Family yacht SIALIA

            A cruise on the SIALIA with Henry Ford and Thomas Edison.

            The creation of the Ford Fleet of tug boats.

            Barge and tug operations on the Great Lakes.

            Scrapping 199 obsolete vessels at the Rouge Plant in the 1920’s

            The conversion of vessels for ocean service.


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